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Graphtek LLC Machining Services

Graphtek LLC is capable of machining and fabricating graphite and carbon-graphite parts of practically any size. We are equipped with band saws, horizontal mills, CNC mills and lathes, surface grinders and c/less grinders.

We can cut pieces of up to 120” in length and we can turn rounds up to 60” in Dia. In addition to machining we offer material treatment services that can significantly extend life of the product:

  • Resin impregnation
  • Metal impregnation (copper, antimony, babbitt, nickel-chrome)
  • Oxidation retardation treatment (mono-aluminum phosphate)
  • Gas purification

Machined Products

  • Plates & Boards

    Graphite plates are commonly used by mining companies, foundries, copper plants, prime aluminum plants, cement mills and aluminum extruders as covers, wear blocks, backup plates, launders, run-out plates, flight bars. Graphtek LLC can fabricate plate for any type of extruded alloys. Our plate sizes range from ½"-20"Thick x 2-28"Wide x up to 120"Long. We can mill additional grooves, angles, radiuses and chamfers to accommodate your application's requirements.

  • Boats Trays & Brazing Fixtures

    Boats, Trays & Brazing Fixtures are graphite parts used in sintering, heat treating and brazing applications. We fabricate these parts either as flat plates, or as plates with milled cavities. Normally the thickness of the plate will range from a 1/8" (for flat plates) to 4" (milled plates).

    We use different grades of graphite depending on an application's thermal conditions, metals this fixture is used for, its life expectancy, and amount of labor involved in production. 

    Normally, we would supply medium to high density GR030 or GR060 grades of graphite. However, in many cases when the price is an issue, and application does not require extended life, grade GR125 can be used. Furthermore, in cases where cavities or shapes are milled on the surface, and the amount of labor time invested is significant, we would recommend using our isostatically pressed grades of graphite. By using super fine and super dense grades of graphite, we can significantly extend the life of a graphite fixture, and subsequently protect your investment in labor cost.

  • Fluxing (Degassing) Tubes

    In working with molten metal applications or in a hostile corrosive chemical environments, Graphtek's fluxing tubes offer an excellent performance and extended life. We offer two types of fluxing tubes: regular and treated. Our treated tubes offer up to five times longer than regular tubes' life. We stock sizes ranging from 1-1/4" to 3"OD, from 1/2" to 1-1/2"ID, and from 24" to 144"L. We also offer additional machining for fluxing tubes: pipe threads, lances, blind hole plugs and hole drilling.

  • Bushings, Bearings, Mechanical Seals & Vanes

    In extreme temperatures and chemically aggressive environments when all metals fail, carbon-graphite Bushings, Bearings, Mechanical Seals and Vanes from Graphtek are your best solution.

    They are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1,600 deg F in an oxidizing atmosphere, and up to 5,000 deg F in a neutral atmosphere. They are engineered to be inert in acid, alkaline and petroleum applications. They are manufactured with extraordinary strength and wearability properties, and have a successful history of many years of reliable service. Often, in order to improve inherent for carbon-graphite properties, we would treat our materials with resins, metals, or oxy-retardant solutions.

  • Crucibles & Molds

    Graphtek LLC manufactures crucibles for gold casting, continues casting, foundry applications, and any other metallurgical, or chemical application requiring thermal properties of graphite along with its low CTE and excellent strength.

    We offer different grades of graphite for different applications. Depending on your requirements as to the life of a crucible and your financial objectives, we will recommend the most effective and economical grade of graphite. We can manufacture less then 1"Dia crucibles, and large up to 25"Dia molds. If your application calls for purified material, we can offer our purification services that will bring level of chemical impurities to less then 50 ppm.

  • Plating Anodes

    Graphite anodes are commonly used for metal finishing, plating, stripping and anodizing. Graphtek LLC offers a wide selection of both "virgin" and "fabricated anodes". Our "virgin" stock anodes measure from 1"Dia to 6"Dia and from 48"L to 96"L.

    We can also fabricate rectangular anodes of practically any dimension. For example, 1"x2"x16", 1"x4"x24", 1"x6"x36", 1"x8"x72", 1"x12"x 80". There is no limitation on size! We will drill & tap anode for you, and we will supply you with all needed accessories: anode hooks (regular and plastisol coated), anode caps, anode washers, specially designed clamps, etc.


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